Twilight Steampunk

First Contract

Persephone, Gustav, and Pembroke returned with the spiders. I hate to admit it, but they’re adorable. Pet spiders might be a hard sell, but they’re not much good for anything else. Pembroke has been appointed “Assistant Spider Keeper” and has been taking his duties very seriously. He may have found his calling.

Persephone also returned with a couple of new hires, a dwarf and a halfling. The halfling seems friendly enough, and has enrolled in the alchemy and metallurgy programme. I suspect that the dwarf is a darksider, and we should keep him out of sight if the constabulary has reason to visit the compound. He has been attending classes, but seems to be dissatisfied with hanging about the compound. Maybe he would be willing to help with contract missions?

In other news, an unprecedented number of contracts have been coming in-three in the last week! The first was guard duty for a skittish darksider visiting relatives in Endelheim. The other two were monster clearing missions, one at Fizzik’s compound, and the other is an infested darkside mine.

Persephone was right about there being a need for minions, and I’m glad we have several advanced classes who will be able to take on missions. Persephone does not think they’re ready for monster clearing missions, so she and her two companions will do both of those.



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